How to Accentuate Your Living Room Couch and Table

The living room is the coziest area of the house where you can spend quality time and priceless moments with your family, and sometimes with friends or visitors. This is where you can also have entertainment from movies to video games. In other words, it is a room where comfort or convenience is a must.


How much it can be comfortable without the couch and a table? Both of these pieces of furniture are essentials in the living room. The couch or sofa is where you sit as you watch your favorite opera soap in the morning or late night news in the evening. On the other hand, the table is used for a lying down your coffee, book or game consoles. Nevertheless, the couch and the table are useful no matter how you define them.

As part of the interior designing, the living room sofa and table must look good. They must not only provide comfort to whoever uses them, but also give an amazing look that can beautify the entire area. Besides, this is where you welcome your guests. Your living room can leave an impression to your visitors of how organized and neat your entire room is. In all honesty, it definitely reflects your personality or the kind of family you have. The messier it is, the more problems are seen, but the more organized is, the more signifies your control of management.

Location and Alignment

One way of how you can display your living room furniture the right and beautiful way is to place them properly. The couch or sofa needs to be away from the front door, and must not face it. The table is always in the center between two chairs or a sofa and the TV. Others even align their furniture than the norm, especially if the room is quite spacious. This is another way to accentuate your furniture set that creates a different atmosphere in the living area.

Here is a good example of how you place the living room furniture set. First, have a wall that has a few ornaments hanging on it. It can be an abstract painting, a family canvass, or a unique ornament. Whatever you prefer, that must be the back view of your couch. As much as possible, do not put your sofa behind the window, except if your house has two sides of the living room where windows are installed.

Throw Pillows and a Flower Vase

It is not new to have some throw pillows on the couch or sofa, and a flower vase on the table. There are no other perfect items to use than those things. Yet, remember to be picky of the pillows as well as the vase. It means you must not just select about anything or in random. You have to make sure the pillows can match the sofa and the overall interior design. That is when you consider the style, the color, and even the size of the pillows and the vase.

In most cases, people select plain colored and dull sofa. This is not a bad choice because it lets you select better throw pillows that can basically make the entire furniture looks good. It is much better if you have stylish and colorful throw pillows to accentuate the sofa. The same thing applies in putting a vase to your table. The table needs to be also plain and simple in color, so the flower vase makes it more eye-catching if you choose a beautiful piece.

The living room does not have to be messy. The only main attraction should be the furniture set and different entertainment equipment. Extra accents are just additional d├ęcors that can complete the beautiful look of the room. All necessary items must be placed in or on other furniture pieces such as a bookshelf, cabinet and coffee table on the side. When accentuating the couch and table, you just need a handful of pillows and a flower vase. It is optional to put some jars of candies and chocolates on the table, but everything else must not be placed on the table or in the sofa.