The Elements of a Good and Beautiful Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a necessary piece of furniture found in many homes, particularly in the kitchen room. Also known as kitchen island cart, a kitchen island is used for many purposes, primarily in preparing food to cook. Sometimes, it is also considered as a table for breakfast or quick coffee time.


As there is a wide range of kitchen island designs available, the important elements must be identified. This is the only way that can give you an idea on what to choose for your own house. Let’s learn those different elements, so you can order or build the most beautiful kitchen island.

The Size

One of the essential secrets to finding the right kitchen island is the size. Obviously, you cannot just install anything in your house without measuring the space first. Your kitchen may be small or huge. The room size is going to dictate the width and length, even the heighth, of your kitchen island. Make sure there is enough space that lets you loosely walk from one corner to the other. In other words, there should be balance between the size of the kitchen island and the space available.

The Mobility or the Stillness

Generally, there are two kinds of kitchen island designs. One is a kitchen island that is stationery, and the other option is mobile. Most homeowners prefer stationery kitchen islands because they do not really need to move it from one place to another. However, some may think mobile kitchen islands are flexible, and can be useful not only in the kitchen. The option whether to go for a mobile or stationery kitchen island solely rests on your personal need.

The Storage Space

What majority of people really like about kitchen islands is the additional storage. A home kitchen island has drawers and cabinets. They are good storage spaces for various cooking utensils and food ingredients. When you store those relevant tools or items, it is easier to cook. You won’t have to stand up everytime just to get the necessary equipment.

The Style

There are also different designs of kitchen islands. This is another element that you have to look for. In fact, it is the most common and basic aspect that is always checked for before going into further details. Like other furniture pieces, kitchen island designs may come in wood, marble, or a combination of both. The tricky part of choosing a kitchen island according to design involves how it can accentuate the entire room. The design you select must be based on the theme of the interior design of the kitchen. It needs to match to add décor that makes the room a lot more beautiful and elegant.

The Security

Some kitchen islands have a knife rack, while others have an extra storage drawer for knives. If you have small children in the house, it is important to select a kitchen island with a knife rack that is secured. It must not be reachable to kids, or else they will grab and play with it. It is better if you just store all knives and other highly pointed items in a drawer with lock.

The Price

The last thing to consider, and possible the most important of all, is the cost of the kitchen island. This is based on your preference whether you can afford to buy a much expensive one, or try to save some money by selecting a cheaper choice.

With a list of the essential elements, finding the right kitchen island is much easier to deal with. Whenever you need one for your home, always remember what you must look for, in order to avoid wasting time and money. Of course, go for the durable, affordable and beautiful kitchen island design. This won’t only provide you a means of preparing foods, but also accentuate your entire kitchen area.