Furniture Designs – Floral versus Stripes

It takes a hundred and one to select from when it comes to home designing and remodeling. This means that you won’t have problem or difficulty making your house elegant as there are plenty of ways to select from. One of them is the adding and arranging of furniture.


You can find lots of ideal furniture pieces in different colors, designs or prints, styles, materials, etc. Buying furniture makes you consider a lot of things, but include those important details. Your buying process has to be successful in a way that you conserve or save money.

It is true that it is very daunting to buy any piece or kind of furniture. You can lessen the stress of choosing and buying if you can just narrow down choices in advance. That being said, let’s help you choose between floral styled and stripe designed furniture (sofa).

Floral and stripes are two of the most trending designs of furniture these modern day. To help you easily decide on what is best for you, your family and your home, here are the following differences and tips that can guide you.

Floral Designed Furniture

Floral designs of furniture, such as sofas and chairs, are usually bright in colors and beautiful to look at. They are actually mixed with other print designs, such as dots, swirls, etc. just to give variance.

Every piece of floral designed furniture is easy to match with almost any kinds of bright walls or vivid wallpaper. It is surely a kind of style that can make your room very refreshing and presentable. That also means that you don’t need to worry on the extras you need to incorporate on this design of furniture. As just said, it is very ideal to any interior of living room, dining room and bedroom.

Striped Designed Furniture

Stripes in designs of furniture are also a good choice. If you want to make your house look elegant and more formal, but still stunning, stripe designed furniture is what you have to select.

Many home designers nowadays recommend the zebra stripe design. Zebra design is very elegant and it perfectly complements any styles or color of a room. The only problem you may deal with is the price as it costs a lot much higher compared to other print designs. In case that you don’t have enough money to buy for this kind of furniture, you may choose zebra print slipcovers instead. This cover can fit onto plain designed furniture. As it is removable, you can easily clean it.

Now that you know the benefits and differences of these two designs of furniture, the final choice is up to you. Which is more attractive for you personally? What design can accentuate your room, the interior design, and other decorations or things in the same area? To avoid any regret in buying one of these two designs of home furniture, just think about your budget and needs.