Moving Furniture In and Out

‘Tis the season to be moving! Oh, uh, you are probably aware there are lots of things to do! The fun side is that you are going to a new place, which provides you a much better atmosphere for sure.


When it comes to moving, furniture is among the things you have to take out and move in to the new place. They cannot just be easily stored in a box and be brought in and out anywhere. It takes more than one person to carry one, unless it is a small chair, or a lightweight mattress. Anyway, we will talk about how you can move your furniture with more ease and convenience.

Packing Supplies

You can use many different kinds of moving supplies. Most of these materials are used for the packing process. Normally, those kinds of packing materials are found right under your nose. They are probably hidden in your drawer, stored in cabinet or placed on top of a table. If in case you do not have, they are always available on the market. These things include packing kits, boxes, bubble wraps, foam peanuts, scissors, packing tapes, and ropes. But if you have to move furniture pieces, you have to use more than those.

Box Small and Foldable Furniture

One of the most important materials that you need to have when moving with furniture is boxes. This is where you can store all furniture items that are small and foldable. Be sure that each and every box that you use is suitable to fit the items that you want to put in. To avoid any issue, consider having the right sizes of boxes for furniture. Also, properly disassemble and fold pieces when putting them in boxes.

There are single wall boxes, such as linen boxes and book boxes, and double boxes like wardrobe boxes, TV boxes, and China boxes. These boxes are known for their ability to hold either strong or lightweight furniture. Aside from durability, it is best to choose boxes that fit the smallest and foldable furniture items.

Secure Fragile Furniture

Most pieces of furniture are breakable. You may have a glass table, a cabinet with mirror, and even a plain, wooden furniture is fragile. That said, it is important to use cushioning materials. This kind of materials can not only pack, but also protect your fragile items while they are stored in the box.

Some of the cushioning materials that you can use to pack fragile materials are used newspapers and bubble wraps. Newspapers are best material in packing fragile items like pieces of wood, while bubble wraps are more ideal for protecting electronic items and glass.

Plastic covers are also an ideal type of material for packing furniture during a move. Some of these moving plastic covers are used to protect mattresses, chairs, and sofas to avoid getting stained from dirt and dust.

Shrink wraps and stretch wrap covers are another material to further protect furniture. Shrink wrap is commonly used to keep materials or items from not falling apart. It is helpful to hold and keep an item intact during moving and shipment.

Do not forget how useful moving blankets, too. This kind of material is usually wrapped in furniture when moving. Two of the most popular kinds of moving blankets are the quilted or padded moving blankets and the non-quilted moving blankets. The good benefit of having moving blankets while moving with furniture is that they are thinner than bed blankets, so you really won’t have to worry about the space when putting them in a moving truck or van. Moreover, these wrapping materials for furniture are actually good for both small or quick and long term storage moving.

Moving to another place with lots of furniture items can cause you effort and extra care. But, fortunately there are different ways and strategies on how to move with furniture that are less stressful and more convenient, as well as secured. So, you consider doing the given suggestions regarding how to pack and move with every piece of furniture you have. These will help your things kept safe and free from damage, scratch or dirt. Have fun moving to the new destination!