The Etiquette of Sitting on a Public Bench, Home Sofa and Office Chair

Sitting is a very normal thing to do by anyone of any age, from a five-year old child to a seventeen-year old girl, and a twenty-five woman to a sixty-year old man. Some have distinctive ways of sitting, especially when they are at home where they feel more comfortable. Others have strict implementation of proper seating, whether in a private or public place. The way to sit is quite important to consider. This is not just to have the right or proper manner, but also to maintain your good posture. Health is somehow related to the way of sitting, so here are things of what you need to learn and apply.


At Home

Snuggled up on the sofa while watching your favorite TV show at night is one way to get relaxation. This is another story. But whatever you are doing, if you are sitting at home, there is more chance to sit incorrectly. That habit must not be embraced all the time, or else you get to have poor poise and gesture.

1. Sit straight on the chair with your feet flat on the ground. Have your neck and head straight up, while shoulders on a line with your arms on the side of the single sofa, or the back seat line of the couch. This may feel awkward, but if you do this most of the time, you get to maintain your good posture. Remember if you sit straight, your body is more relaxed.

2. Do not tilt your head and neck. This is not only an incorrect way of sitting, but also making those body parts ache.

3. You have the option to use another chair, stool or other things where you can lift your feet up. You may have tiring feet to just stay on the ground. Yet, do not sit all the time with your feet up.

4. Whether you sit on a chair or a sofa, your knees must be lower than the hips. If you are quite tall, or the seat is lower, you may put a cushion just to raise your body.

At the Office or Behind the Desk and Computer

When working at the office, proper sitting is strictly more implemented. This is to help you focus more and avoid getting tired easily. At the end of the day, it would benefit you.

1. Place the chair near the table. Sit properly with your torso straight up. The head and neck must be also straight.

2. The arms have to be comfortable when sitting behind a desk. They must not be difficult to reach the table, especially the computer. They do not have to be too near as well or you will feel comfortable.

3. The chair should match the height of the table. That’s why it is important to choose a chair for office that is adjustable. If possible, use a swivel chair, too, because it is ergonomic and comfortable.

Whether you are at home or in an office, always sit the right way. Doing this is not just to show to people that you have the manner of sitting properly. It is also for your own health sake, as you do not want to just sit around and then feel a little pain afterwards. Sitting should make you comfortable right at the moment and after it.