Signs of Damages of Your Home Furniture

How would you know if your furniture, such as tables, chairs, sofa and cabinets, is soon to wear out and get damaged for good? I’m pretty sure you want to know and identify those warning signs, so you can prepare if you need to replace them soon. Here are common indications that may tell you that your home furniture must be fixed or replaced.



You may notice that your furniture starts to discolor. This is one common sign that it is beginning to tear and wear. Discoloration happens if insects or moisture are present.

When caused by moisture, it is because of exposure of water, glass rings, and spills of various liquids including milk and alcohol. This is more possible if the stain or spill has not been wiped out immediately. It leads to becoming dry and the build-up of moisture.

It is also due to the vast amount of dust, which has to be cleaned. When you see discoloration, you better clean your furniture, and detect if there are insects, such as termites and bugs, that must be removed.

Cracks and Gaps

Furniture that is made of wood tends to crack. If you see more cracks, it is a sign of a potential damage. The cracks do not only have the possibility to have larger gaps, but also invite more moisture. As what is mentioned above, moisture can cause the furniture to discolor.


Among the common insects that can greatly wood furniture, including chairs and cabinets, are termites. These are fast working insects as they make wood material as food. There is cellulose in wood products and that is what this kind of insect eats. Not only that they eat them, but also leave a trail that others or the rest of their colony can find. That is why there is non-stop of infestation of termites in wood products and furniture.

As considered pests, you can easily get rid of termites with usual pesticides that you can spray on every inch of the furniture. The bad news is that whatever amount has been destroyed, it cannot be restores or fixed. They eat a part of the furniture item so that means it leads to emptying and replacement may be required.

From liquid spills to scratches, furniture items that are made of wood can eventually become damaged if they are not properly cleaned and regularly maintained. It is important to take care of every piece of furniture you own, if you want to use them for a longer period of time.

Wiping off stains, spills and dust is one of the methods to do that enable to keep the furniture durable. Applying certain substances that remove those is one thing. It can also help to repaint and refurbish your wooden furniture to make it sturdier. Just be sure to clean each set of furniture you have to get rid of those pollutants.

If your furniture is not fixable by easy and quick cleaning, it is probably a time to replace and get it with a new one. Like other personal items, furniture is something that must be invested, so ensure to have furniture that is usable for a long period of time.