The Right Ways to Clean Wood Furniture

There are many causes of damages to your wood furniture in your home. Dust, water, different seasons or weather, and most especially stain are some of the many factors that can damage your wooden furniture. The good news for this is there are also lots of ways to clean and maintain the good texture or appearance of every piece of your wood furniture.


A house that is full of elegant wooden tables, chairs, cabinets, and other furniture is generally warmth. However, stains and common mishaps will lead to damaging your furniture sets. If you want to restore and keep the amazing look of your wooden furniture, here are following cleaning and maintaining tips to keep in mind.

1. Remove Water Stains

Image Source:Frederick

Water stain is the cause of water that has been dried on wood. After some time, the affected area becomes white. This does not only make the furniture look ugly, but also damage the wood material.

You have two easy-to-clean options in removing water stain on your wood furniture. The first one is laying a blotter cloth on the stained area and run warm iron over it until the stain is gone. The second option is to use lemon oil and pour some on the spot where there is water stain. Keep the lemon oil stay on the stain for overnight, so just wipe it off the next morning.

2. Get Rid of Alcohol Stains

Any substance that contains alcohol is also able to damage any furniture that is made of wood. If you drink a glass of wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages, in an accident case of spilling, the stain can easily and quickly damage wood on the furniture. If you see spills from alcohol, you immediately get a clean cloth then moist it with lemon oil before you wipe the stain out. You can still do this method even if the stain is dry.

If your wooden furniture is made of mahogany or dark cherry furniture, wipe the stain with cotton dipped in iodine. You can also do this cleaning method with light cherry or unshellacked maple.

For dark spill or scratch on your wooden furniture, get a scoop of meat of walnut and wipe it on the top of the affected area.

3. Erase Scratches

To remove scratch from your finishes of wood furniture you will need light mineral oil or boiled linseed oil and fine steel wool. Dip the fine steel wool in the container of the boiled linseed oil or light mineral oil, and then rub the solution directly to the area of the furniture to wipe out scratches. Allow this solution to soak into the wood before you wipe the area dry with a clean cloth.

4. Rub Out Burn Stains

Burns on any surface of wood cannot be easily removed. To make it possible and less difficult, you use a fine powdered pumice stone and pour some linseed oil with it. Afterwards, you get clean cloth and rub it onto the burned area. Continue doing this process until the burn effect is gone.

5. Wipe Out Glass Rings

Glass rings, which are normally taken from wine glass, are another cause of wood furniture damage. What you must do to prevent it is to use a combination of white toothpaste and mayonnaise, and rub the mixture on the glass.

From water to glass ring stains, you can easily protect your wood furniture with the cleaning solutions that are discussed above. Once you spot spills or stains, it’s best to wipe them out as quickly as possible.