Queen Size Bed – Sleep with So Much Ease

How comfortable it is to sleep in a spacious, soft bed! Personally, I would want a very roomy bed whether I sleep alone or with someone. It is much comfy if you have the flexibility to move from left to right. Perhaps, you can relate to what I just said and that’s exactly what you want in your bedroom too. If you are looking for a roomy bed, a queen size bed is what you have to buy.


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Queen bed is one of the most popular sizes of bed that lots of customers look for. It is the dream bed for most individuals too because of its dimension. There is just something about the space that queen size bed has to offer.

Fact 1:  A Standard Dimension

The size of a queen bed has only one standard dimension. That measures 60-inch wide by 80-inch long. However, there are three different sizes that are considered queen size bed. It is like calling it as small, medium or large. California queen size is an example which specifically measures 60-inch wide and 84-inch long. It has 2 mattresses made up of bed frame of the dimension 30-inch wide by 80-inch long.

Fact 2:  Thickness

Generally, queen mattresses for bed are manufactured in various kinds of sizes too. You should never go wrong in buying mattresses but consider the thickness. Naturally, the thickness of a queen bed is rich to 9 inches to 11 inches. This is a good factor to select from because it shows just how durable it is. The thickness is a big factor as a matter of fact because it can affect your selection process of buying queen size beds. There is a wide number of mattresses that vary in thickness and sizes. You must be able to check these details when you are buying the right bed for your master bedroom.

Fact 3:  Spacious

Always remember that you consider the entire space of the bedroom. You won’t only concentrate on the size of the bed but also the square feet of the room. A queen size bed is definitely spacious so it has to be put in an area that is also roomy. You probably want to have a good bed that does not occupy much of your whole room. A bed of this particular size has to fit in a room.

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The excitement of getting a new bed doesn’t end until you are able to find what you are really looking for. Now that you have an idea of what to check when selecting a queen size bed, I’m pretty sure you are fully ready to go out and make your search. Furniture shopping is so much fun because you are literally buying comfort that is able to give you relaxation. That’s why you cannot afford to make any mistake when you select bed. It is also not ideal to rush this task if you want to have the best, high quality and most durable queen size bed.